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Maisha Khalfani




🔥 Master Life Coach & Teacher of Sensuality specializing in Trauma-Informed Somatic Healing ❤️ Guiding Black Women into their Sensual Confidence so they can show up bold and powerful in life, business, and love. Book your free call with me: 💫 The Sensual Energy Alchemist 💫 Divorced Mom of 5 amazing human beings 💫 Reformed people pleaser 🔥 Here to show Black Women the power of their confidence, how to expand their capacity to receive wealth, and the freedom that comes from living in sensuality and pleasure 🔥 I’m spicy - you've been warned 🗣️ I speak about Feminine Power, Sensuality, and the connection between our bodies and Confidence 🗣️ Appeared on over 20 podcasts 🗣️ Keynote and Guest Speaker on national/international stages 🗣️ Quoted/featured on Black Love Page, Madame Noire (30 days of pleasure), and featured on Scotch Porter’s YouTube channel (brand for black men’s skin care) 💵 CEO of Sensual Energy Alchemy LLC 💵 Founder of The Sensual Oasis for Black Women, an online community for Black Women who are ready to step into the power of their sensuality and pleasure 🍯 1/5 of Black Coffee Honey and Grits. 💙Finer Woman Did you get to the end and forget to book your free call with me? Here's the case you need it again: ________________________________ 💜 I’m still figuring out this thing called life y’all. In the words of Prince: Let’s go crazy Let’s get nuts Let’s look for the purple banana ‘till they throw us in the truck