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My name is Desiree the Awakening Queen. I specialize in helping clients break from chains of limiting beliefs, guiding them towards a mindset shift & spiritual body healing. Together, we’ll work to identify and overcome any obstacles that are holding you back, so you live a more fulfilling and authentic life. Whether you’re looking to gain clarity and direction, cultivate self-awareness, or connect with your intuition, I’m here to support you every step of the way. DM me directly. Thanks so much in advance ❤️ Sign up today I have Ebooks and books for preorder dm if interested I am a FIRST in my family to 👉🏽Graduate College (HBCU) 👉🏽Become a Entrepreneur 👉🏽Awakened to the power of the universal law 👉🏽Published Amazon Author 👉🏽First PROUD breastfeeding 🤱🏾 in my family (5 kids later) 👉🏾Chakra and crystal-infused jewelry and decor Whether you need...✊🏾👇🏽 💫Guidance and connection 🔗Breaking Generational Curses and Trauma 💫✨Aligning Charkas and Trapping into Universal Powers Shift your mindset! Shift your reality 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 Come take a seat at my table and transform your mindset I am a certified Life coach Yoga instructor Chakra healing Energy coach Reiki Healer 1-3 Artful Meditation Coach Mindset Coach Holistic health and spiritual coach Accountability coach And many more I am breaking curses everywhere and healing through lifetimes worth of cycles through methods of tapping into your power and channeling the frequencies to stay grounded!!!! I am so full of gratitude for all things in my life even experiencing a current test in my faith and power!!!! I am a warrior and will fight for causes that matter… I am here to Shake & Wake and Heal the Nation’s. 🔗✊🏾I am a former foster child from 12-21 during this time I found my love of speaking and advocating for others who aren't able to use their voice. I believe you must speak what you want until see what you want. Don’t forget to put the work in and be intentional within your core. watch me GROW AND IMPACT SO MANY as I allow the message to run through me!!! I AM HERE FOR PURPOSE Email:[email protected] Facebook: Tiny Redus Cash app: $TinyRedus5 Venmo: Desiree -Redus