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✨ Foodie. Techie. Creator. 💼 Founder of Brand & Press Studio 🙋🏾‍♀️ Hi, CH friends! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the club. I’m Desi, a black, Millennial, pixel-pushing, content-creating, Apple-loving, foodie, tech nerd, and dog mom living in East Lansing, MI with my rescue pup Bandit 🐶! 🎯 I’m in this space to connect, learn, and share. ————— JOIN MY CLUBS: 🏠🤓 “Ask A Techie” Club Feeling clueless about tech? Non-Techie, you may be in a fog when it comes to using technology; I'll turn on the fog lights and guide you! ​Blending tech into everyday life for non-techies is my superpower — Think of me as your personal “Tech Muse”! 🏠❤️ “Branding With Heart” Club Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur that's starting or running a heart-centered brand? If you want access to Tools, Tips & Tricks to help you organically build a heart-centered brand that people will love, you shouldn't wait another minute to join the Branding with Heart club! ————— MORE ABOUT ME: ☀️ Capricorn / 🌕 Libra / ⬆️ Sagittarius ✨Detroit, MI born and raised #DetroitVsEverybody ✨Former MSU Spartan #GoGreen ✨I’m not a coach but I can teach you things ✨Sophisticated enough for classy events, but I curse a lot 🤭 ✨My goal is to empower, educate, entertain those within my reach by sharing my personal experiences, www.Just.Desi 🛎 PING ME to join your rooms on: creativity, branding, tech, Wordpress, web design, food, cannabis, sci-fi, social media, business, black culture, personal development, mindset, spirituality, productivity, planning, Apple, Detroit, self care, and making money. 🖇 LET’S LINK! Right now, I spend my time on Instagram, Clubhouse, Quilt, and TikTok I can’t wait to connect with you all! You can find me pretty much anywhere online as ‘desimslaughter’.