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Dennis Michael




🔥 I’m a purpose-driven, intense optimist and owner of Holeshot Brandworks. 🏁 Holeshot Brandworks. 🏁 Holeshot Brandworks is the world’s most empathic creative shop. Helping automotive aftermarket leaders create meaningful brands so they can grow faster. How much faster could your brand go? ‼️CONVERSATIONS I ENJOY‼️ Let’s talk about: 💬 Logo Design 💬 Branding 💬 All Things Automotive 💬 SEMA 💬 Customer Experience 💬 Mental Health 💬 Personal Development 💬 Business Books 💬 Wine 💬 Music History 💬 Intent aka Purpose 🇨🇦 ABOUT ME ▪️ Branding guy and curious onlooker. ▪️ I like to ask questions. ▪️ I like conversations that are on point without the slimy pitch/sell. ▪️ Cars, art, books, sneakers and music are my loves. ▪️ My wife and two boys are my accountability partners. 🏁 MY COMPANIES ✨CONNECT WITH ME✨