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Denese Duran




🎤🎧 Founder of Podcasters Unlimited Network and Podcasters of NJ Incubator support podcasters with resources, tools, and professional industry conversation to assist on your podcast journey. Head of Podcast Development at Metallic Ent. We seek podcasters to represent with scripted content to develop their content, to place in front of streaming platforms and television networks to pitch.🎬 Contact: [email protected] 📚Masters of Social Work Candidate 2021. Work in advocacy for clients, children & adults at the intersection Of technology. Creator of Podwork : Launching a Podcast Summit Summit May 22nd 2021 >>>>tickets here www.Podwork summit,com Member of @Amendthe13thNJ #abolishslavery group 🇩🇴Jersey girl! Podcasters Unlimited Consulting Podcasters Of NJ