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Rosemary Jackson-Moore




🇸🇱As a JOurneY Coach I am a travel guide for women who are serious about identifying, addressing, and overcoming the negative and damaging effects of childhood and/or adulthood abuse, trauma, and other adversities, by encouraging and empowering them to become healed, whole, free, and fulfilling their God ordained purpose as well as living a more fulfilled life. ***I especially love working with women 60 and over because typically we are the ones who feel stuck, that we have gotten too old, messed up too bad, have too many issues, etc. PSA: God still wants to use your story for His glory!🙌🏾 If you are struggling to find JOY let me help and travel your JOurneY with you as your JOurneY Coach! If you are struggling to start, continue, and/or maintain your JOurneY to heal, become whole, free and/or empowered to fulfill your God-ordained purpose, let me travel your JOurneY with you! Find and choose the JOY in your JOurneY. When you choose JOY you choose yourself. 🌻😊🌻 ALL of the Fruit of The Spirit is much needed in our daily JOurneY of life. Endeavor to find and choose love, peace and the other fruit that only The Holy Spirit can truly produce. *****I am also a very happily married woman with no desire to communicate with males here other than those I CHOOSE to do so with. Please, no private messages or you will be blocked.***** 😊🌻😊 ❤️TOTM Affirmation: “Free to Be Me” I am created in the image of God, the Master of the Universe. Therefore… I am a “Master” piece – unique and one of a kind. I am complex and extraordinary by His design. I have been healed, made whole, and complete. I have been set free – free to be the “Me” God created me to be! Copyright 2021 by Rosemary Jackson-Moore “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” President Theodore Roosevelt Learn more about me and what I do at: Cash App: $LadyRJMoore Facebook: