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Deliqua Isom




Deliqua is a woman that is passionate about helping women transform their Pain into Purpose and Power. Deliqua knows what it is like to exist and not live. She suffered complex trauma from age five until her early 20s. Deliqua was molested, raped, and experienced domestic violence and verbal abuse. As you can imagine, there were a lot of emotional wounds and insecurities that she had to overcome. As she began to take a deeper look within herself and heal, she discovered her Purpose and Power. Deliqua's professional journey took her on a path of becoming a Licensed cosmetologist for 18 years, a Certified fitness and mental wellness coach for 15 years, Ceo of Flawless Fitness Spa and Flawless Fitness Apparel, President and Founder of Flawless Foundation Inc., a 2x Self Published author of THROUGH THE PAIN I RISE...LET'S TALK and BEHIND THE SCENES OF PURPOSE and now a TedX International Author and Speaker. Deliqua has helped countless women discover and break limiting beliefs about themselves and live a life of vibrational alignment and internal fulfillment. Deliqua is honored to be in your Presence and Serve you today.