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Delia Monarch




Podcast Co-Host 🎧❤️🥬 You Deserve Fresh Lettuce Relationship/Marriage/Divorce/Faith 🥬🎧✨🙏🏻 Le Monarch Designs🦋 Home Staging/Home Store Designer/Owner 🦋 Cannabliss🌳🌱 _____________________________________ 📍Southern California, Born and raised. 🇺🇸/🇲🇽 _____________________________________ *️⃣ Audio book geek🧠 *️⃣Podcast lover 🎧 *️⃣Healthy lifestyle❤️ *️⃣Designer🎨 *️⃣YDFL-Co-Host 🥬 *️⃣Fitness🏋️‍♂️ *️⃣Mother👩‍👧‍👧 *️⃣Latina A lover of this earth and a student of the world🌍 Life is perspective not every negative experience is meant to break you. Strength is knowing you’re going to teach others how to get up. “YODO! You only die once. Enjoy a sunrise because a sunset is never promised. Show up and give 110%, failure is showing up halfway. 🦋 Instagram: Delia_Monarch_