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Deletra Hudson



friends “The Financial Educator” 💵 Women Financial Empowerment 💵 Youth Financial Literary Advocate 💵 Transforming communities by teaching municipalities, small businesses, and executives simple financial management strategies to help make sound financial decisions. 💰 Author 💰National Speaker 💰Financial Consultant 💵TSP Mastermind 💵 Join my Money Boss Wealth Club Facebook group 💵 Specialize in creating financial freedom from financial distress 💵 Over 25 years in the financial industry 💵 Bestselling and award winning author of adult and children books on financial literacy 💵 DST🐘🔺. 💵 IOTA 🐢💚 💵 Advocate for youth financial literacy Visit my website for a 30-minute complimentary financial empowerment session: 💰 Follow me on all social media: @deletrahudson