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WORTH2WORTH NATION: OUR MINDS ARE FOREVER PASSENGERS OF WORTH …WORTH is a terrible mind to waste!©   As Passengers of WORTH, we are each endowed with an irreversible truth: Each of us is Warded Ownership Rights Through Hardship. Our secret power lies in adopting a Flexible WORTH mindset – a weapon guided by critical thinking and riithinking choices. We are framed by a list of words that can define us: Black, White, afraid, broken, different, poor, rich, angry, and can’t. Yet whether in or out of each other's frame, life's adversity remains reversible when we claim our Ownership Rights and strive to own #Adversity2Legacy. After all, only death has the power to remove us from our status as passengers of WORTH. Music (Coming Soon!) (Coming Soon!) @onenation952 @DeKridge @CriticalWORTH @Worth2WorthhNation @BrandingWORTH @Self2WORTH2WORTHH @CriticalWORTHH @Worth2WorthLifestyle @Worth2WorthNation #Worth2WorthLifestyle #Worth2WorthNation #Worth2Worth #Worth2Worth2AttainablePurposes #Worth2Worth2AttainableTasks #Worth2Worth2AttainableGoals #Worth2WorthhNation #Worth2WorthhLifestyle #Worth2Worthh2Greater #WorthIsATerribleMindToWaste #PassengersOfWORTH