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Dee Burrowes




🇬🇧🧠Helping people gain more confidence, be more effective, and bring more happiness into their lives! ✅Life Coach 🧠 Mental Health Practitioner ✍🏽Columnist 🗣 Speaker 📚 Trained Teacher By identifying your core values and what drives you, you will gain clarity on what your life and career vision should be. Vegan for 10 years- healthy mind, body & soul ✅Advisory Committee advocating for black boys & men USA ✅Associate Governor for a group of primary schools in London ✅ Published in the UK Times 2020 ✅ Recipient of a Global Awards 2020 in Life Coaching & Entrepreneurship ✅ Finalist for International Female Leader and Health & Wellbeing - Dubai 2020 ✅ Featured on NBC Charlotte 2018 ✅ Recipient of The International Women Inspirational Award April 2021 for Life Coaching & Education ✅ Chief Judge - Miss Jamaica UK Pageant Contest 2019 ✅ Chair Judge - Customer Services Award - UK and Dubai (2017-present) Ask me how to go from Blah to Brilliance⤵️⤵️