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Debbie Shannon




Business Strategist | Success Consultant | Fractional COO | Powering the Human Behind the Hustle™ for 15 years. The main thing standing in the way of your professional success is the problem you don’t know you have. I help start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs solve problems to grow their businesses through strategic planning and execution for wealth building results. Sometimes no additional resources are required - it’s a matter of defining the problem clearly & re-engineering the approach. Current projects include health & wellness tech startup, residential construction disruption product startup, SaaS product growing to scale, NC real estate development project, national fast casual food licensee network with 181 stores, and other projects always coming on board. I help businesses develop and succeed by executing the right strategy and putting the right people around the table. Using my network and experience, I partner with my clients to be successful quickly and sustainably. We stay laser focused on the right targets & hitting goals rapidly. Action starts with: ✅ Crafting targeted custom strategies ✅ Activating accountability ✅ Optimizing outcomes Brands I have worked with: ✅ IBM ✅ Disney ✅ ESPN ✅ Bank of America ✅ NFL ✅ MLB ✅ Atlanta Braves ✅ Planet Hollywood ✅ AAU ✅ NASCAR ✅ MLS 🌎 Outreach ❤️ 🇺🇸 ⚙️ Rotary International 🇭🇹 ClubHouse Haiti House Village ❌ TEDx Organizer 🛒 Food Bank board member 🏫 College board member