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Debra Trappen




soul session guardian *empowering visionary + strategist * truth teller * best-selling author * passionate podcaster * focused activator * budding activist * life-long learner * idea stormer * lover of wild, moxie-filled women * encourager of humans Creatrix embracing the power and voice inside me. I seek + speak truth wrapped in grace with divine sides of sass, moxie, and fire. Living and loving my 2021 guiding word: FLOURISH Grab a guide to uncover yours: Topics I get lost in... ✨ Weaving Divine Feminine + Masculine Energies Together 🪴 Herb + Veggie Gardening 🔥Women’s Empowerment 📚 Writing affirmations and meditations for my next experience 🦁 Listening to other people’s stories 🐝 Grace. Spiritual walks. Let’s get more connected: