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Make Better Decisions ✨ Live a Better Life 🕊When the Water is Calm, 🕊The Reflection is Clear Extremely Honored to speak on stages with: @drfinance 💎 @iamdiamonddiva 💎 and Dr. Bernie Siegel @ericberman @donhobbs @jayabraham @terryrodriguez @barbaramajeski @hutch_pj @johnshintgr @mikealden @staceyrosscohen @hiromiacts @everastegui @deborahdriggs @therealbradlea @ricksedler @davidmeltzer @rizbizz @timstorey @stephenmr.covey @fredpenney @markvhansen @michael_losier @kenfoster @davidihill @drbilldorfman @bobbeaudine @gitomer @rahilaismail @lisacopeland @amilya @joe_ingram @cmathews @frankknuckles @jpaulnadeau @forbesriley @jaredyellin @readwithsteve @darrenprince @moerock @superbowlchamp @tomchenault @contactmapping @alecstern @vincececere @mrmitchell200m @michaelbutler @jonkovachjr “New Beginnings are often Disguised as Painful Endings” ~Lao Tzu Rising from the darkness while Emerging into a Radiant ✨ Light ****** 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Ready to reach Your Best Body? Have more energy and feel amazingly confident? Let’s get lean & trim safely in an incredible supportive and non-judgement environment 😊 ****** Transform your nutrition Transform your awareness Achieve amazing results ****** Today’s the Day ✨ Make it Magical ****** 🫶 Torchbearer 💕 Caregiver 🤟 Sign Language 🍴 Holistic Health & Weight Loss 🦾 10X Fitness ****** 365-Days of Gratitude ✨ _____________________________ #evermindful 875112 ✨ _____________________________🖤