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Debbie Howard




Helping companies create more caregiver-friendly workplaces Co-Host: Rethinking Aging - News for the Ages (Tuesdays from 6-7pm ET) Rethinking Aging - Age-Friendly Product Alliance (formerly: Products for 50+); Thursdays from 1-2pm ET Join us! debbiehoward/ Founder, Aging Matters International (AMI) Strategy and Support for Companies via AMI’s Caregiving Crisis website: [email protected] Support for Individual Family Caregivers via AMI’s Caregiving Journey website: [email protected] Age-tech Strategy and Market Development via: CarterJMRN K.K. (Chairman) [email protected] Debbie lived and worked in Japan for 30+ years; she founded Japan Market Resource Network (JMRN) in 1989, which merged in 2012 to form CarterJMRN. She translates consumer research into clear strategic direction for global clients across a wide range of categories, including Age-Tech. Debbie is also a former caregiver on a mission to change the way the world looks at caregiving so the impacts are not so devastating. Her work focuses on providing companies with content and support that creates more caregiver-friendly workplaces for better retention, talent acquisition, and healthcare cost containment. With the launch of Aging Matters International (AMI) in 2016, Debbie brought her market research acumen to the world of caregiving. Her first book (The Caregiving Journey: Information. Guidance. Inspiration.) was released in November 2018, and supports individuals in going beyond logistics in managing their caregiving situations with ease and grace. Her second book (The Caregiving Crisis: What It Costs Your Business and How You Can Fix It) was released in March 2022, and helps companies with practical ways forward in terms of supporting employee caregivers.