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📖Story Coach and Mentor 📚Tutor for emerging authors ✒️Helping writers learn and master their craft. All abilities and stages of writing, from beginners to pro. 🔍 Founder of Writers' Pool - Clubhouse Club for writers to discuss, collaborate and support each other. Scheduled room topics cover different aspects of the writing journey. 📕 Learn how to show not tell in your writing - FREE Workbook, PM me for signup details. 🎓 Online course $97 now available on Teachable. 📘 Storytellers Elite - membership programme to help writers who want to make a career out of their writing. 📗 Free Facebook group 'I've got a Story to Tell' - inspiration and community support. Author of 'Telling Stories with Spark' - a book which helps you tell stories that your readers find irresistible. Available on Amazon. 💻 Read more about my services for writers on my website 📍Wales, UK