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DeKesha Williams




🛫Virtual COO | 💻Webinar Queen | Outsourcing Agency | Online Business Manager 💠💠FREE Checklist if you want to start using webinars. Teaching entrepreneurs how to create consistent revenue in using automated webinars. 🖥 ❤️❤️I’m big on implementing systems in business that allows us to focus on the things that we love 💫WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME: 🔥🔥 lost the same job twice in 2010 and on August 24, 2011, I gave them the pink slip and went on a leave of absence. BTW, I’m still on a leave of absence. #LongestLeaveEver Grab my book “40 Ways to Generate Revenue” … Let’s connect @de_kesha Don’t be shy and shoot me a DM.