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🌅Certified End of Life Doula/Grief Companion 🤲🏽Professional Caregiver 🤲🏽Hospice Vigil-“11th hour”Volunteer 💜🧠Alzheimer’s-Dementia Community Educator/Caregiver Support Group Facilitator/Life After Loss Grief Support Group Facilitator/🗣State House Advocate/Self Care Advocate 🧑🏽‍🦳👵🏽 2 “tours of duty” over 18 years of ALZ Caregiving 👦🏾🕵🏾 🧑🏽‍🦳👴🏽SandwichGenerationCaregiver 👦🏾MomToATwiceGiftedNeuroNinjaWarrior/MomByLoveNotBlood/AdoptionAdvocate 👥BeTheOne Mentor and 🗣Advocate for At Risk Middle/High School Students 🕵🏽Retired Government Financial Crimes Investigator Dialogue with someone about their experiences nurtures an understanding about their existence Ask me about👇🏽 🌅Sunset Of Life Doula //🏒🥅&🏐Mom/🧠Alzheimer’s-Dementia CaregiverX2/Special Needs Adoption/🇺🇸🪖Honor Flight Network Guardian/🏀Former D1 college ⛹🏽‍♀️and college 🏀referee/Family History Matters/🌎Traveler Self Care=Finding My ☮️So I Can Give☮️ 🌅DDay@SunsetOfLifeDoula Certified End of Life Doula Transition is challenging, make the last one a celebration of your loved one, not a goodbye... 🗣MemoriesMatter💜 An End of Life Doula is... 🌇Companion to someone who is dying and the dying person’s loved ones 🌄a non-medical person who gives support physically, emotionally and spiritually to someone else 🌆to be a supportive presence to the dying and their loved ones Turned Pain into Purpose👇🏽 Made emotional and financial setbacks give backs… 🫂Supporting, Advocating and Holding Space for those grieving the multiple loses while on the ALZ journey Personal experience with: Long distance caregiving Loved one living alone and with family Loved one living in Long Term Care facilities including during CoVid restrictions 💜MemoriesMatter BoyMomToATwiceGifted/Exceptional🤴🏾 Special Needs Adoption Advocate 🏒🥅&🏐Mom 🗣Advocate to celebrate and educate children that learn differently, meet them where they are and provide safe spaces for them to thrive 🕵🏽👩🏽‍💻Retired Government Financial Crime Investigator, over 30 yrs. experience regarding criminal, administrative, internal and external state and federal investigations, Federal and State Task Force member. State Inspector General Investigator. BeTheOneOhio-Mentor to At Risk Middle/High School Students/Advocate/Ally/Creating and holding Safe Spaces Traveling, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls are my ☮️ Vanlife🚐WeekendWarrior CargoVan2CargoVan Conversion Let’s chat/collaborate/moderate DM IG @SunsetofLifeDoula [email protected]