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Dawn McCarty




Cyber Security Awareness & Identity Theft Expert with over 20 years experience. I help non-tech savvy parents to learn what they need to know, so they can talk to their kids about technology and security, so they can protect their kids from Online Predators. 👸Award-winning Cybersecurity Woman of the Year 2021, for outstanding work in the industry. ✳️❓invite me on stage, ask me a question and I’ll share a free🎙Cyber Awareness Tip to keep your guests safer online. 👩‍🦰 Founder & CEO Securing Everything Tampa Bay Area, FL 🇺🇸 Creator of Safe@Home - Online Security Academy join @ Motto: “Cyber Made Simple” Articles in FORBES & CBS Let’s talk about: 🔹Online Predators & Grooming 🔹Child Abduction 🔹Childhood Traumas 🔹Sex Trafficking 🔹Sexting & Sextortion 🔹Workplace, School, & Cyber Bullying 🔹Cybersecurity Awareness: 🔹Phishing, Smishing, & Vishing 🔹Social Engineering 🔹Human Behavior & Patterns 🔹Deep Fake 🔹Scams: Malware, Spyware, Adware, & Ransomware 🔹Passwords & Managers 🔹Digital DNA & Identity 🔹and more 🔹Identity Theft Prevention 🔹Child Identity Theft 🛡MISSION: To make Cyber simple to empower even the least tech-savvy individuals. 💡“Everyone is entitled to be safe online… I’ll show you simple Cybersecurity methods that you can implement right now.” Dawn McCarty Connect with me: My WHY: I’ve always been protecting someone (often myself) or something. I am a SURVIVOR of: 🔹Abandonment 🔹Abduction 🔹Violent Abuse 🔹Attempted murder 🔹Bullying 🔹Suicidal thoughts 🔹Paedophile Grooming 🔹Mormonism - #exmormon - post cult life My Passion: ⬆️🔥🔥Turn all that into something positive, to save someone else.🔥🔥⬆️ Free to Download: 🔥How to Spot a Predator v1 at 🎞Associate Producer Erasing Family Documentary 🎥 👀Watch my 1st amateur video 🎞 @ 🎓Education: 🔹BS Criminal Justice → Victimology 🔹BS Computer Science and Information Technology 🔹MS Criminal Justice → Management 🔹MBA Cyber Experience: 20+ years experience working with Arrow Electronics, IBM, the Department of Energy, and UHC a Fortune 6 organization. ✅ Cyber Defense Senior Cyber Security Engineer, CSI & SWAT Teams 💽 Data Loss Prevention 🖥 Creator of Patch Governance Framework & Committee Chair Known as “The Raptor”