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David Weitzner




✍️ Writer 🤓 Ethics/strategy professor @ York U ✨ Co-create 🚫 Manage 💡 Normalize “mitzvah” and “chavrusa” as strategies of spiritual work. 📚 Connected Capitalism: How Jewish Wisdom Can Transform Work (University of Toronto Press/Penguin Random House Audio) out now. “David Weitzner’s voice is a measured, compassionate one as it rises above the din of knee-jerk opinion and judgement. Listen: the man has ideas and he knows how to communicate them.” - Nels Cline, guitarist, Wilco "David Weitzner brilliantly draws from Jewish wisdom in Connected Capitalism to align our workplaces with our values." - Tiffany Shlain, 24/6: Giving up Screens One Day a Week to Get More Time, Creativity, and Connection “At first glance, one might worry about what David Weitzner's integration of business with spirituality might mean for religion. But what they should really be wondering about is how this truly spiritual approach to commerce will make ‘business as usual’ utterly impossible.” - Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human 📍Toronto 🇨🇦 💬 Talk to me about: Bringing sacred, fleeting and ceremonial moments to our working lives 🗄 How artists can lead post-pandemic rebuilding 🎨 Reforming our economic system from within 📈 Transcendent live 🎵 experiences Therapeutic 🍄 facilitated outcomes Encouraging complex risk analysis in our everyday ♟