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Thankful for Anne T. Wyatt & our daughters Recognizing & encouraging excellence be yourself, everyone else is taken - Thomas Merton My audio tattoo = “Prepare Excel Enjoy Succeed” 🏆 - David S. Wyatt Representing & serving small business owners, coaches, athletes, entertainers, musicians, creators, entrepreneurs & other high achievers like you for success in Business, Crisis Management, Brand Building & Life* Sports Entertainment Business & Litigation (business, injury, criminal) Attorney, Mediator, UofSC School of Law Adjunct Professor (Sports & Entertainment law), occasional guest on CourtTV, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, songwriter, community builder Husband ❤️ Girl Dad (x2) Love The 413 #thankfulness #encouragement #forwardTHINKING wcysitmtmylf On a Mission #SCTop10N2030 Mentors vs Tormentors Taking a stand against the Tormentors #Educate #Encourage #Empower #Excellence #BridgeBuilderExcellenceCommunity #DreamEngineer “Enjoy the moment & live your purpose “ NIL - Name Image Likeness protection & leverage Retired NFL Agent - (14 years) (It’s more than football 🏈....) #SCTop10N2030 #BridgeBuilder #BeOne CoHost, producer: The Inside Blitz w/ Levon Kirkland: A Sports & Leadership Podcast Host The (re’s No) Straight Line To Success: how the best bring out the best in themselves & others (in production, launching soon) email or call 👇🏼 Wyatt@seblawfirm (dot) com 864-250-9780 Wyatt@scfootballhof (dot) org Greenville, South Carolina Email me if I can be of service * to create an attorney-client relationship requires you to sign an engagement letter. If you are already a client, thank you. Those interested should contact me to see if it’s a good fit. Comments on social media including CH are not intended to be legal advice. Thank you 🙏