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David Steel




🌅 - Solar champion, Mentor and Recruiter. I create jobs and help homeowners save money and be environmental. 💹 EveryoneLinked, CEO - LinkedIn expert, corporate trainer and speaker. Helping companies market their services, increase brand awareness and hire top talent. ☀️Greatness Ventures - Director 2000 + Members VC/Angel Investor Group ☀️ 10,000 + Members Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur Group 🏅Honor Foundation Faculty Teaching Social Media to the U.S. Special Operations Forces 🎗Board Member - Conscious Humanity 🎗Board Member - Greatness Foundation Interests: Solar Energy, Impact Investing, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, HyperFund,Social Causes, Sustainability, Personal Development, Travel, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Surfing, Weight Lifting, Fitness 👍Open to personal and business connections. 💬 Text me at (760)846-7660 📍World Citizen in San Diego Core values: Have Fun ✦ Be Innovative ✦ Do It Now ✦ Learn Everyday ✦ Give Back ✦ Communication ✦ Be Thankful ✦ Sustainability