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(DS)David Schmeikal




Holding the next generation of creators accountable to their big dreams by creating clarity of direction for their brand and keeping them organized & focused. 🟢 Creative Director at Groundswell 🟢 Co-Host of Dawn Patrol and Inner Circle 🟢 Co-founder of $GSWL coin 🟢 Co-founder of the Genii 5 Pillar Unschooling Community 💣MY PURPOSE: To make ripples, to lead the charge, create cool shit that shows you the way to be braver, brighter and better than you were yesterday. 🗺️ YOUR JOURNEY: I believe the next generation of closet Visionaries, Difference Makers and Impact Creators need to step out and be known. Explore those areas of deep interest and importance to you Be of service and make a difference Push boundaries and create new possibilities for the future Expand your influence and reach Find your voice and be heard Be accountable to your commitments and your big dream Your epiphany is hidden between the lines of the main story that is your life. ⚡TALK TO ME ABOUT⚡ - The future & what's possible - Making the world better - Unschooling and learning from our next generation - Changing the context of human being's doing business - Being creative - Brand & marketing 239965