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David Randolph




SHORT SALE EXPERT, Rehabs 5-10 houses per year. Nearly $3M in my Retirement Accounts All my houses listed under $260K have sold in 7 days or less at List price or Higher, for 11 years. I make $50K-$150K Profit on EACH $250K house in St. Louis MO by negotiating Short Sales and teach and have students in other states. I AM HERE FOR YOU IN THIS GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN 10 YEARS text SHORT to 636 685 2990 to get my FREE Short Sale Video presentation and slides. I have over $3 million in my Retirement accounts that I Lend out ALL the Money. Text LEND to 636 685 2990 to get my 4 pg PDF lending document. Or go to: I will lend the Rehabber: ALL the MONEY to Buy the house ALL the MONEY to REHAB the house ALL the MONEY for the Points on the Loan ALL the MONEY for the Monthly Interest Payments My heart and Passion is to help new Rehabbers get started. No credit score, No bank statements, No money needed. ALL PAID BACK ON THE HUD WHEN YOU SELL THE HOUSE ATTEND my next Monday night FREE Investor Session from 7-9 pm CST. Text LEND TO 636 685 2990 to get ZOOM link. Cell: 636 685 2990 Email: [email protected] Website: FaceBook: Linked In: Calendly: TAKE A PIC OF THIS PROFILE PAGE