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David O’Leary




I believe we can no longer afford to manage our wealth without regard for the impact it has on people and our planet. I help individuals and financial advisors learn how to turn their investment portfolios into forces for good. Get 🧠 smarter about impact investing: I also steward the Kind Wealth Club 💸, where we explore new ways of using our wealth to tackle the complex social and environmental challenges of our day. 🌎 Go to for info on about upcoming shows and recordings. 🌎 💸 Founder, Kind Wealth ( 💼 Advisor, Third Way Capital 🎤 Public Speaker 🎙 Host of The Impact Investing Podcast 🎙 🎓 MBA + CFA Charterholder Formerly @Morningstar, @Origin Capital (World Vision) 📍Toronto/Tkaronto, Canada 🇨🇦 (Covered by treaty 13 with the Mississauga’s of the Credit). I’m here to engage in meaningful conversations about ending inequality, advancing the SDG’s, the circular economy and moving from sustainability to regeneration. 🌎 ♻️ I have experience in investment manager research, SME/SGB lending, Development Impact Bonds, and Innovative Financing (e.g. Results-Based Financing, Pay for Success Contracts, etc). ✳️ Let me know if you need a moderator on any values-aligned topic.