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David Perez




Radically reducing inflammation & giving people their lives back. Nurish.Me, cofounder & evangelist, Humanitarian, Serial Entrepreneur. “Our greatest wealth is our mental health”. 🇺🇸 Born in Morocco 🇲🇦 world citizen🇨🇦 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 Adventurer: Future Virgin Galactic 👩‍🚀 Astronaut 🌏World Traveler (106 countries over 3,000 cities) 🏔 Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Whitney, Mt. Langley, failed at Mt. Shasta. Next adventure is 🏔Mt. Everest, Space 🚀, the stars ✨ and Mars 🪐! 🌈In a career span of over 45 years, David Perez has founded highly successful entrepreneurial ventures, launched cutting edge, disruptive technologies, been at the forefront of innovation, financed startups, overcome personal tragedy, coordinated large scale natural disaster relief programs and rescue missions at ground zero. Today as the cofounder of Nurish.Me, he is on a mission to deliver clinically proven nutraceuticals targeting inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer’s Dementia, arthritis & pain relief. In 2005, David Perez led a rapid response group to coordinate mass relief efforts. He and his team swiftly carried out 74 airlift missions to deliver over 507 tons of food, water and medical supplies to victims of Hurricane Katrina and rescued 284 people from the Gulf States to San Diego. When the country of Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010, David and his team carried out one of the largest disaster relief efforts delivering over 2,700 tons of emergency aid by air, sea and land. Reopened and funded the General Hospital in Port-Au-Prince & BMH the only trauma center functioning in order to save lives. Recipient of the US Military Southern Command / Deputy Commanders Coin awarded for excellence for his service in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief. 🌈✨David Perez is one of the few businessmen who possess integrity, honesty and professionalism, as well as compassion, in his work and for the client/community for whom he delivers products or services. His personal and professional sacrifices to make our world better and brighter are part of his unsung legacy. He is unselfish and self-motivated. Mostly he is leader who follows other doing great things. ~Marcia L. Dyson, Global Business Strategist, Social Activist & Speaker “Life is swift to love, make haste to be kind.” ~ Henri Amiel Email: [email protected] 👇🏻www.Nurish.Me