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David Cogan Holt




❤️ Do you want a ‘Soulgasm’? A Soul Awakening is your birthright. So is living much more from that space! Guilt/shame can stop this, and it can ruin your success, self-love, and Happiness. I can help you release this. Rooms on spiritual topics: Tuesdays 10am Thursdays 12pm That’s what I would Love to do for you. I believe feeling disconnected from our spiritual power causes most of our fear, pain, and suffering. Message me about booking a service: Channeled/Psychic messages for health issues, money/career, relationships, life purpose. Angels, Ascended Masters, Soul, or deceased loved ones. $95/30 min. Oracle Card Reading For Biz Growth: $125/45 min. North Node Astrology Reading: $95/30 Founder: Soul Powered Happiness I work with people who are perpetually unhappy, miserable, silently suffering, and stuck in it. I help them have a Soul Awakening, to have access to their Higher Power/Soul anytime, and experience a Soulgasm! Message me to book discovery call Healer since 1989. Divine channeled messages since 2002. I use these abilities to help you solve concrete problems, and live much more from your powerful Soul space. Expert in releasing buried guilt/shame. If you have this there’s typically an area(s) of your life that you are unknowingly (or knowingly) sabotaging/punishing yourself in the areas of - Happiness, career/money, relationship(s), or life purpose. Buried guilt/shame will have you do this to yourself no matter who you are, how much $ you have, or how old you are. Message me to book discovery call. Founder: Soul Powered Healing membership tribe A group you can join to experience a Soul awakening! An inner adventure to discover how amazing a ‘Soulgasm’ feels! And how to apply your Soul’s Power to solve challenges/problems with health, wealth, relationships, and life purpose/Soul purpose.