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Dave McBride




🙋🏼‍♂️Technical Specialist - I help you put the technical tools in place you need for your online business. 🧩Remove the stress of constantly having to remember/reset your passwords while decreasing the risk of your accounts getting hacked🔎 ⬇️Take the Last Pass Class⬇️ ⌨️ OVERWHELMED BY TECH??? Check out our Technical Resource Center: #1 🆓 Business Setup Checklist/Guide Don't run your business without these items! #2 🆓 7-Step Action plan to prepare yourself for technical success. Learn what digital assets you need to have ready to go from idea to first sale! #3 🛠️Website Prep Guide Understand what you need to prepare to setup your website. #4 📺 YouTube Mini-Course Learn field by field how to setup your channel. #5. 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 Put the Technical Foundation you need in place to protect your most valuable business asset: YOUR DATA Under Custom Solution Click BOOK YOUR CALL 💰 20+ yrs Industry Experience Hardware incl. PC builds Software Networking Graphics Video Editing Peripherals Support/Implementation/Testing I help online business owners with: - Choosing your technical tools - Tool Setup & Configuration - Tool Education - Tool Maintenance Husband🙏Evangelist🙏Kingdom Builder 💡💡 Learn how to overcome the negativity of your past generations 🌐