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Darwyn Metzger




CEO of Phantom™️ ファントム 幻影 환상 ———————— ———————— My background... Accidentally won an Emmy. Shortest tenured Dr. Phil producer ever. Tom Green gave me my 1st job live on his talk show. Spent the last 15 years decoding almost every digital platform on earth to build, captivate, & monetize audiences. Built the most-watched broadcast television tech report in America (KTLA, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, Chicago Tribune, LA Times). Currently juggling a series of secret projects for Apple, Stanford, USA Football, most TV/Film Studios/Networks, & your favorite brand that you think doesn't advertise. ————————————————————— I’m here for... Personal growth, fitness hacks, recommendations on eating my way across the globe, hot takes on equities/cryptocurrencies/nft’s, & to find help reuniting our brothers & sisters experiencing homelessness with their long lost loved ones. Ask me about volunteering for Miracle Messages. Donate at PayPal @MiracleMessages 📍LA —————————————————————