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⚡️Went From Blank Page To Published On Amazon In 72 Hours 🤖 Helping humans write books FAST with AI and our proven step by step framework at 📚Take The 7 Day Book Challenge at and get inside access to premier training on leveraging artificial intelligence to write, publish, and sell nonfiction books that build authority and increase industry influence 🦄 Bootstrapping SideHustle at It’s an improv game for entrepreneurs and creators to pitch ideas for fake side hustles and win based on their pitch being funny, fundable... or both! "It’s kinda like Apples to Apples meets Shark Tank." - Kickstarter Backer Love to discuss: 🤖 AI 💰 Sales 🌮 Tacos 🚀 Books 🥁 Drums 🗣 Marketing 📦 eCommerce 📍 Austin, TX “Control the controllable and the results will speak for themself” - Coach Steve