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Dara Goldberg




🇺🇦 Imagine a day when every woman in midlife is proud to be a woman in midlife. Imagine a day when younger women can’t wait to be a woman in midlife. Imagine a day when everyone, men and women of all ages, everywhere, recognizes that women in midlife (and beyond!) are invincible, NOT Invisible. I am on a never-ending, super passionate mission to get us to this day, and I fully recognize that the only way it can happen is for all of us women in midlife to come together and support each other, collaborate with each other and share far and wide the incredible depth and richness of our midlife (and beyond) experience. Want to join me and be part of my “Lovin’ Midlife” [TM] movement? 1. Get in touch with me via Instagram anytime @daradoesmidlife 2. Join my Lovin’ Midlife Club here on CH and share your wisdom and greatness in my rooms (every Tuesday at 10am EST and every Weds at 5pm EST) Other things I’m doing to further this critical m 💕 Always looking for speaking and podcast opportunities to share my ideas and passion,and to invite more women in midlife to join me on this mission! 💕 Online course (coming soon!) 💕 Always looking for ways to support the work of other women and collaborate. Please drop me a line on IG if you want to talk. Some random facts about me: ➡️ I didn’t get married until I was 42 and became a full-time step-mom to 2 little girls who I cherish to no end ➡️ I did a career pivot in my 40s that everyone thought was crazy and I couldn’t be more proud and happy that I did it. ➡️ I’m a terrible but determined skier ➡️ I’m a bird nerd ➡️ Spanish red wines make me happy ➡️ I currently live with 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 1 husband