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📚 National Bestselling Author ✍️ 👑 Queen T 📚 Urban Romance and Paranormal Writer 👑 Special Education Teacher ♊️Twin Mom 💙Vegas ❤️Stori | Lover of Traveling 🌎| Special Education Teacher ❤️ | Breathing resilience and empowerment one story at a time ✨| Mentor | Wife 💍 | Listener & Learner ⚒️| Mover &Thinker | Lover of Black 💕 🎙️Speaker on this app unfiltered and very opinionated ✳️Admin of Cocktails 🍹 & Literature 📚Speaker of 3 languages 🎓Diving into education - B/A in Social Behavior , M/S in Early Childhood Education 🧠 Fascinated by Murder and Mystery 🔪 🧜🏽‍♀️ #MysticalEnchantress Upcoming 📚 The Brooklyn Boss Who Colored My Soul Bestsellers 📚 A Love Between Two Worlds 1-2 Sistas Fairytale 🧚‍♀️ Karma Before Konscious 1-2 My Craft 📚 Karma Before Konscious 1-2 Karma and Trey Mistress of a Brooklyn Billionaire Miss You The Most At Christmas A Love Between Two Worlds 1-2 A Love Between Another World Chasing The Sun Mistletoe and Mayhem Love and Mayhem Set Fire To My Pain Should of Thought Twice The struggle is part of the story. #1 in 8 #infertility