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Dan Taylor




Good Human | News Desk Grinder @ | Photographer | Podcaster | Voiceover Artist | Storyteller | 4, 5, and 6 String Player Travels: 32 countries on six continents. Photographer: Portrait and editorial works including: Håkon, Norway's Crown Prince, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Ray Kurzweil, Maye and Kimbal Musk, Mary McCartney, Robyn, Usher, Pharell Williams, Jimmy Wales, Werner Vogels, Tony Fadell, et. al. Client list includes: Wired, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, British Airways, Lufthansa, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles with Alfa Romeo, and the VW group for Audi. “It was great to watch you work. I love seeing great technical skill of all kinds.” - Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple 🔗