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Daniel Tamayo




I’m probably somewhere in the air between Los Angrles, CA and JFK. Owner of Los Angeles and New York🗽based live events production company 🎭, author ✍️, booker 🎙, mentor, and talent manager. Creator of the Comedy Black Book. Pepperdine -> USC For 16 years, I have lived and worked in New York City in every aspect of small venue show production from comedy rooms to multi-stage small venues. I am currently in Santa Monica, CA. I am a firm believer that anyone CAN sell, and everyone should learn how to sell to live a successful life especially actors, comics, and dancers. Knowledge calls, ultimately, for a life of service | Pepperdine Alum WhatsApp: +12123901726 📍Brooklyn, NY [email protected] If you’ve read this far, I’m really interested in your moonshot…so tell me about it.