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Daniel Singley




Men’s issues psychologist specializing in early fatherhood and reproductive mental health. I am board certified in clinical psychology and Director of the Center for Men’s Excellence clinic in San Diego, California. My staff and I have deep expertise in applying psychological research on best practices to provide evidence-based psychotherapy for men, couples, fathers, and families so they can better manage their issues and thrive. My ongoing program of research investigates the “dude to dad” psychosocial transition to fatherhood with a focus on fathers’ postpartum mental health and involvement with their babies. I conduct trainings and consultation internationally on paternal perinatal mental health, and I established the grant-funded Basic Training for New Dads classes to give expectant dads the info and confidence they need to rock fatherhood. *Clinician*Researcher*Speaker*Consultant*Trainer*Author* Co-Author, “Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers” - Board of Directors – American Psychological Association’s Division 51, the Society for the Psychological Study of Men & Masculinities President’s Advisory Council – Postpartum Support International (PSI) Founder: The Center for Men’s Excellence Founder: Basic Training for New Dads CALENDAR OF UPCOMING ROOMS: TBD My passion is using psychological research and theory to give men, fathers, and their loved ones the tools and techniques they need to live happier and more meaningful lives. Facebook: @MenExcel Instagram: @Men.Excel Twitter: @MenExcel LinkedIn: Yelp: SPEAKING TOPICS: Men’s Mental Health, Psychology of Men, Traditional Masculinity, Masculinities, Father Engagement, Paternal Perinatal Mental Health, Postpartum Dads, Program Development, Paternal Involvement with Infants, Fatherhood Research, Clinical Work With Men, Individual and Group Therapy with Men, Dads Classes, Beyond Toxicity, Alexithymia, Positive Psychology, What’s Right With Men, Dad 2.0, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADS) - My wife of 21 years is pretty much the best thing about me - Dad to two mouthy teenage boys who take after their mother - Proudly living with ADHD and… wait… what was I saying?