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🧠 Mental Health ✊Helping others 🤞Entrepreneurship 🎙️Podcasting, in that order. Please hit the 🛎️ next to my name so you’re notified when I start a room. Co-Founder of Braincare company HEIGHTS, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, super connector, cat dad, and host of UKs #1 business podcast, Secret Leaders. 🛕I curate great rooms here on mental health and performance, entrepreneurship, science and spirituality in Braincare Club. 👋 Join to get notified of our rooms and join in live chats, get show notes and more! ✊Here to help people for free with no agenda. ⛩️Follow me if this vibes with you so far. 🧠I was the UK’s young entrepreneur of the year but now I’m over 30, it doesn’t count anymore 🤣 🙀 I’ve learned more from my failures than my successes, and experienced multiple mental health issues I’m always willing to (over)share. Host of Braincare club here on CH. ✊Follow me for Mental health, entrepreneurship, science & spirituality. 🧠Building the future of “braincare”with Heights. You can get 10% off a membership to feed your brain with the code “Clubhouse10” ( 🖌️I write a weekly newsletter on brain health and mental well-being according to science read by 60,000 people a week. 🎤 Host of “Braincare” (top 10 health) and “Secret Leaders” (#1 business in UK) Podcasts. 🖌️ Writer for Forbes and 🐱Cat lover 🧠Check out Heights here: 🖌️ Newsletter here: 🎤 Secret Leaders here: 🙀 Fun fact: My cats are known as “the fluffiest cats in Britain”. Literally Google it, they’re the top result! 🐱🐱🐱 My DMs are open, feel free to say hi!