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Danja Vocke




πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Social girl, joy, spirituality, crystals and colors are my inspirations. Love for vintage clothing, especially the 70’s! πŸͺžMy main focus is to connect people, create strong relationships and learn from each other. Self care and reflection are my principles. 🧩 living in the present. Nothing feels better than unraveling my personality. Re-designing my life. πŸ”₯ Experience expert in the field of burnout and boulimia - this helps me understand what your troubles may be. πŸ’Ž Crystal Junky - love all crystals, gemstones and minerals, and especially their healing powers. Do you also want to discover this truly magical world, please contact me. 🎨 Colors and their healing effect on you and your environment also interests me. In combination with crystals, they are truly magical for everyone. πŸ™πŸ» Spiritual student - exploring and researching multiple schools of thought. I aim to become the master of my own spiritual journey and inspire others. β™₯️ NLP is my new love. Emile Ratelband Topfan! 🎯 My goal is to inspire woman and help create real connections. 🌈 Focus on what brings you joy! πŸ€ Mother of a beautiful intelligent daughter aged 15. I am a bit crazy, love my coffee β˜•οΈ and E.T.πŸ›Έ 🀹🏻 In daily life I love being a district manager for the municipality of Wassenaar: keeping all the balls in the air! If there is no struggle, there is no progress. I appreciate it you as a follower, please add β€˜the bell’ as well than you will get a notification when I open a club, room or am on stage. Let’s connect! πŸ’» [email protected] ☎️ +31 6 29 55 29 35