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Daniel Samanez




I think. And I help to craft a more caring world with the world’s best yarns Trying to never forget that in our infinite ignorance we are all equal (Popper) ——————————————— Idea Yarns I’m now learning about metamodernism and integral theory and teal stuff Because Those yarns are optimal for inclusive, efficient, and sustainable personal and business management and growth And Reason is necessary but not sufficient Building a way to get over postmodernism without dismissing the sensible criticism it brought ——————————————— Alpaca Yarns Or Our yarns are mainly made with Alpaca Alpaca is the most thermal efficient natural fiber Alpaca is also soft, caring, and naturally anti microbial Unlike sheep and goats alpacas do not erode their environment Alpaca fiber is sustainable and renewable Alpacas are mainly bred by small farmers that manage their animals according to traditional indigenous practices in the Andean Mountains On, you can find our ready to use socks, gloves, blankets, and other warm and caring products under our AndeanSun Alpaca brand We are scaling conscientiously and looking for the best financing options Get in touch to get news about how we can work together Immigrant Born in Lima, Peru. Now in Sarasota, FL.