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Daniel T. Matalon




World Game Impact Producer ❤️ Founder #IsThereEnough ❓ 🌍 Co Founder 📺 Co founder of iDiscovery TV ✌️ Impact Investor/Producer 🎬 Media Producer Storyteller #IsThereEnough ❓🌍 #WhatAreWeGoingToDoAboutIt ❓ “100%” “Because we can” I’m the CEO of Impact Launchpad, a social impact venture studio, leading a team on a mission to deploy a workable business and finance model for The World Game, which is based on an economic theory that says the world ought to work for 100% of us. For us, in part, that means leading a solution that can sustainably combine the $3.5T of new capital formation needed to produce the intended outcomes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 🌍 Along the way of that mission, we stumbled on to a conversation people seem to want to have all over the globe, and which they want to have repeatedly. It is a new conversation about agreement called #IsThereEnough. Participating in it is an SDG 17 activity that produces more collaboration in the world, even showing agreement among people who do not normally do so. ❓ 🌍 We call studying it an Agreement Academy, and it has quite a few products, experiences, and ways to engage in it. More are on the way, and a new television network for it as well. You can engage in the conversation privately and anonymously. If you like the idea of spending 15 minutes thinking on the future you will love it. See the Survey link on It really helps our social research, so if you do, thanks. Our work suggests that humanity, not nations, need its own treaty to produce conditions in which we can triumph together over war and scarcity. We are launching one in 2024. The IsThereEnough club is launching a new clubhouse series of “deeper conversations” like this : #IsThereEnough #Food, #IsThereEnough #War #IsThereEnough #Happiness #IsThereEnough #Truth. You can view the current list at : Happy to welcome mods and experts for panels. You can even create your own rooms. Join the club if you want to be notified. For blockchain audiences, there will be several token offerings emerging from US, and a new application of NFT’S emerging from us as well. You can learn about the 100% token launch, and its plans for Universal Income at Http:// 🌍