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Danielle Farage




Work Futurist 📱🌟 Gen Z Educator 🖼 LinkedIn Top Voice -> follow me there! Fostering an elevated consciousness around the intersection of identity, culture, and workplace through COMMUNITY! 🚀 Director of Growth & Marketing at Café 🧡 YC21 - personalizing the hybrid experience 🕵️ Values-Based Career Expert and Cultural Investigator Author helping the 85% of the workforce who feels disconnected from their work / company, to find fulfillment! 👩‍💻🌻 ✳️ Co-Mod “The New Normal” at Work About me: 💛 ENFP, formerly ENFJ 🧘‍♀️growth mindset 🗽NYC born & bred 📖 leadership & org psych 🏆 DEI Champion 🇺🇸🇮🇱 US/Israeli Citizen ✌️ USC Alum Let’s talk about: Future of Work DEIB Recruiting Gen Z Leadership Career Education ✍️ WRITING a book for young professionals on values-based job searching & finding the right workplace Tell me about - your memoir ✍️ even if you haven’t written it yet - events you’re attending in NYC 🎶 - what you’re passionate about, let’s collab! Other ways to connect: 📍NYC // LA