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Daniel Feijoo




Romans 8:31 🙏 Knowledge seeker 🧠 Entrepreneur 🔮 Multifam RE Investor 🏘 Two quotes I do my best to live by👇 ☝️Giving without expectation is ironically the path to the many things you want in business and life. -Gary V. ✌️Success without fulfillment is failure. -Tony R. Founder of Super Partyland, LLC | The Photo Booth Lodge | Evolve Media Labs, LLC. 📧[email protected] 🌐 A bit about myself. 🇵🇪Lima, Callao ✈️ NBCT My two sport passions MMA since 14 y/o.🥊 Fútbol since 6 y/o ⚽️ Simba & Nala🐕🐾 Audiobooks are my go-to. Currently listening to 👇 Limitless - by Jim Kwik. 📚 Here to learn & contribute wherever I can. Let’s connect 🤝