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Daniel Alfaro




------------------------------- 🙋🏽‍♂️Hi! I’m Daniel. 🇲🇽🇺🇸 🗣️Pronunciation, fluency mentor, constant English learner🗣️ 🏆I will help you speak English clearly, confidently and remove the roadblocks that prevent you from communicating freely at work, school, or travel.🏆 🥳🙌Do you want to discover a new version of your English?🙌🥳 I used to be afraid of speaking English but I got over my fear! 💪 🏁🏁My goal is not to make you speak like a “native” speaker but to get the most out of you to help you discover the roadmap you need to reach your full potential. 🏁🏁 1️⃣ Real objectives 2️⃣ Fun, enjoyable and dynamic training.  ⬇️Does this sound familiar?⬇️ 1. You feel nervous when speaking English.😬😰 2. You need to use this beautiful language but you know you still need to improve.☑️ 3. You feel embarrassed because of your pronunciation challenges. 😳 4. You want to feel inspired and guided. 🧭📍 You can find me at: [email protected]  Download my free demo class: