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Danielle Chavonne Barnes




✨Initially I was just here to Hear.✨ Now I’m here to inspire, intercede, and ignite. Your opinions, support, advice, jokes and listening ear has been my pillow, my mornings, my Friday Nights, my laughter, my new friendships, my phone on 2%, my confirmations, my lightbulb moments, my company while driving, my dinner guest, my accountability partner and so much more. Ping me in so I can thank you! My Bio was this is the short version of my life that I’m still working on ❤️🧡💛💖💜💙🤍🤎💗 🟩I’ll list a few things that I do to make a living 🟨a few things that I do to make me happy, 🟦and few details that gives you an idea of my purpose on this earth. 🟪This list will be short because every thing I do could be listed in any category above. - I prefer to serve than sell. When you serve with pure intentions you will attract retailers who have customers and inspire customers to become retailers. Sale to the don’t have time to stand on the Corner Pooh. “-if you build it...the people will come.”Field of Dreams - Geriatric Administrator in Senior Healthcare - Music Therapist at Cleveland Clinic Hospitals -Created a Non-Profit for Senior Citizens that focuses on the first steps of recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. -Alzheimer’s and Dementia Specialists -Mom of two Amazing Black Sons🏂🏄🏾‍♂️ -Ministry Community Liaison 🎗 - Violin Teacher🎻 -Servants Heart -Fun🌸 -Green is my favorite color🧩 -Pizza is my favorite food🍕 -I’m a ghost writer for Various Hip Hop artist because my mom/family would kill me if I recorded an album that didn’t directly reflect our amazing Christian reputation. - I’m so Lit - I love wine 🍷 - I love hosting parties of any kind especially the random ones that happen just because - I love people - I love dreaming - I live for a great love story, especially the ones that come true. - I’m not disrespectful - I’m not the best chef in the kitchen but I can cook hunny. - I’m not attracted to mean people anymore. I’m not expecting less than the best- for you and I. *My last bio was long, detailed with lots of emojis. I encourage you to save your bio to your notes app just in case anything happens. My qualifications and degrees have nothing to do with the lessons I’ve learned on this earth. My UP’s created my resume but my downs created my bio. I believe the things I’ve listed will do for now. 🧚🏾‍♂️ It’s not too late to be great 🧚🏾