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Dan Behrman




Undocumented Motorist, Professional Tax Evader, Life-saving Drug Smuggler Legally stop paying income tax! Look for the free download at The government is preventing us from living our lives to the fullest and I have done everything I can to circumvent their attempts to stifle mine. I smuggle life-saving drugs like insulin from Mexico to the US to circumvent government rules that force Americans to pay extraordinarily high prices. I have canceled all my contracts with the government, including my driver's license and have successfully fended off their attempts to fine me for using my car on public roads. When they ask me for money, I respond with a cease and desist and they back down to prevent me from exposing their fraud. I do not pay income tax, employment taxes, or social security, because I have learned how to legally avoid paying any of those taxes. I do not believe I'm special, and I want everyone to share the same freedom that I enjoy. Follow me on Twitter @DanForTexas