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Damian Schmidt




🔎In 1998 the marketer self-taught start of producing SEO and web programming ethical "hacker" was established. In extension to being a uniform leader I provide white label SEO solutions and technical / growth coaching. I professionally love technology, fashion,cannabis to psychedelic industries. ℹ️ Described as a 100% Web Developer and SEO or digital marketing consultant at right down to the core. In history, I am Head SEO director/product owner or webmaster at past roles. 📣You can find me speaking at virtual conferences and podcasts where I'll be presenting growth hack/growth marketing, SEO (content or technical strategy), and blockchain and web programming remotely 2021. 🔐Ps, I can White Hat Hack and pen-test your website to find the security and network risks. I also Love to hike, dance, read, eat vegetarian food and nerd it up on my computer box.