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Anthony Demarbiex




Storyteller (he/him) There was a time when I wanted to be a paleontologist, but Jurassic Park 3 killed that dream. Now I just like making other people look cool. Post Production for various TV projects including but not limited to: 12 Monkeys (SyFy) Penn & Teller: Fool Us (CW) The Village (NBC) Twenties (Showtime) Covid made me a ravenous student of software defined workflows, cloud computing, media asset management and thinking of ways to make the life of a creative easier. Cosmology and neuroscience are pretty neat. I enjoy the intersection of VFX and motion physics. Check out the Two Minute Papers YouTube for a much more eloquent explanation. Lately I’ve been dipping my toes into quantum computing with Quiskit. The water is still luke warm. I’m crafting a book on storytelling with my writing mentor and I think it would be cool to represent the methodology using XR and haptics. Open to any and all suggestions as I’m a child in that field. Theatre lead to real estate which lead to improv which lead to data analytics which lead to tv production finance which lead to post production which lead to creating a Pink Floyd inspired concert series and being befuddled by Corey Feldman. I’ve always wanted to learn to do the Moses Supposes routine from Singin’ in the Rain, but tap partners are hard to come by these days. The trombone was my first instrument. Nothing anecdotal, I just really like Glenn Miller. I’m not religious, though John Cobb Jr. is my favorite theologian. When I retire I plan on becoming a librarian.