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Dalia Strum




I work with Fortune 500 Brands along with Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to create meaningful marketing strategies that focus on collaboration and building impactful communities. ✨ Marketing transformation expert ✨ Co-Admin of the Marketing Club on Clubhouse 👩‍💻 Educator of Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology 🎤 Co-host of the Motivated Podcast 💫 Founder of RethinkConnect, an agency that focuses on storytelling through experiential moments 📍 New York I have worked with major brands including: Burberry Bloomingdales Nordstrom Macys Ralph Lauren La Mer Skincare Estée Lauder Pepsico Mondelez | Mondelēz Etc Along with 11 years of mentoring, advising and investing in small to mid-size businesses My ultimate focus: Marketing = two way conversation, it’s important for people to feel heard Reach out to me to chat about anything related to marketing, podcasting, podcasts, small business, Entreprenership and Fashion 82701