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Daphne Thomson




Business Consultant | Passionate Marketer | Entrepreneur | Property Investor I help businesses 8x their profit in 12months through a consultative approach optimizing various parts of the business. 👑Yeah I know you might have heard this one before - here is the Full story - 👑 🔨Businesses change all the time and so should You🔨 📈Give me a follow and let’s talk all things Entrepreneurship and Marketing 📈 🙏🏻Connect - Inspire - Build - Relationship 🙏🏻 🤩I am on a mission to create wealth for market leaders so they are empowered to ignite change in their communities! To impact the lives of 25m people is the goal! 🤩 🔥I am looking to connect with Business Owners that would like to increase profits and join a community of like minded individuals to grow and succeed together! #GetAroundTheRightPeople 🔥 🌸Open to Co-host and would love to share knowledge as a guest on your podcasts 🌸