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Financial Literacy Mentor | Founder of Multiple 7+ Figure Companies | Teaching Entrepreneurs How to Build & Scale Multiple Autonomous Businesses The RIGHT Way! 🇯🇲 It’s Beez🐝 TEXT “CLUBHOUSE” to: 954-758-9318 📈How do you scale multiple businesses? 📝Process is the DOOR🚪 💻Systems are the LOCKS 🔒 💰Financial Literacy is the 🔑 👥People help elevate 🆙 🤘🏽#investor #entrepreneur #mentor A jack of all trades is a master of none, BUT often times better than a master of ONE! You CAN do multiple things! With the right formula…. Sooooo, what do I do? 🤔 🏁->🏎->💨 I’m known as Beez 🐝 the multiple businesses guy the e-commerce guy... the supply chain management guy... the business in China guy... the VA staffing firm guy... the digital ads guy... the philanthropist guy... the real estate guy... the Family & Business Trusts guy... the Financial Literacy guy... the Credit Master guy... the work/life balance guy... the physical/mental/financial health guy... the father of 4.... the Business Builder⁉️ Follow me on IG to see a peak.... If you find value in my content and want to support ➡️ Cash App: $BusinessBuilderBeez