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Daan Van Der Werf




Q-Strip, Nocturnal Sweat rate sensor. Inventor of a phenotypic digital biomarker under validation, discovering patterns in sweat rate. The Q-strip is a non invasive (IoT) sensor with which we are able to measure nocturnal sweating (sweating during sleep) very accurately. There is no other instrument that can measure nocturnal sweating so accurately and over such a long period in a variety of circumstances. Sweating is a non-specific symptom of many medical conditions and diseases. With the Q-strip I believe that we can contribute to the medical and scientific understanding of nocturnal sweating. At the moment we're doing a physiological research in an Elderly nursing home. Our mission is finding quality in the broadest possible manner. From passive monitoring to active care. Check out my Udemy Course : 🤘We’re a Dutch 🇳🇱 Startup reaching out to the world to join this journey! 🔔(Sleep) Scientists, doctors, tech people, interested individuals. 🌏Https:// 🌏 Student Support : 🧠Participant in the NL Artificial Intelligence Coalition program in The Netherlands. keep in contact: 🔗 Find me at Medtech 24/7 Lobby on Clubhouse ⚙️Ps : my personal medical data is made by my latest hardware. By that this is my beta prototype version 01.02 version where minority tech issues are not solved yet. The precision of the Q-Strip sensors resolution took me 2.5 years to reach the shown live results. Just to give You an idea how deep I’m into this. Cheers Daan FREE Windows Q-Strip Sweat Analyzer software I wrote to understand our data better and research nocturnal perspiration: -Research Package Arduino Nano Cloud logger Https:// For when I play Guitar : Strings Supported By Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain!!!, Thank YOU!